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What programming language you should learn ?

If I am asked to answer in one word, the answer will be – Python.

Why ?

The answer is not simple. Let’s dive in.

There are actually many programming languages on the list to compare now let us arrange them in the order of thier use and community :

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. C/C++
  4. Python
  5. PHP

JavaScript : The omnipresent

JavaScript: You can not be a web programmer without any skills in javascript. It is everywhere, 97% of worlds total website use javascript in some manner.There are many libraries and frameworks out there for javascript. Javascript has the largest community of developers which makes it even easier to learn. If you want to seek your carrier in web, do learn it.

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. JavaScript is most commonly used as a client side scripting language. This means that JavaScript code is written into an HTML page and sent to browser for actions. With Node.JS, Now you can code server side using javascript and Node.js is faster than PHP in processing data.

Java : Write once, Run everywhere

Java : Java is unmatched language in terms of cross platform compatibility, Java is excellent in terms of performance if compared to all the languages in the above list. It is way faster than Python,PHP and NodeJs. but it has seen a decrease in popularity in recent years (according to It is based on how often a tutorial is searched on google) despite such reasons java is still beginner friendly and its large community is available to help anytime.

Big companies that use java : , Uber is based on Java, LinkedIn is a Microsoft product now, yet it is using Java. eBay , Pinterest, Spotify are using Java in some manner. In India, most of the big IT companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL Tech use java as their primary language and some companies like Naukri, Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, Trivago, goibibo and many more have still been using Java and showing no sign of switching.

C/C++ : The mother of all languages

C / C++ : These two are evergreen and are still in demand and will always be. There is nothing that C/C++ cannot do but there are many things that are only possible with c/c++.

Firstly, C and C++ are two different languages. C being more close to the hardware is relatively difficult and C++ being object oriented comparetively easy. they are not used as much as PHP or Python but when it comes to performance they surpass by far. Many Major languages like java, python and PHP are written in C. The use of c and c++ is now a days limited to gaming and high-end applications or hardware specific coding but it is still used as web, desktop or system programming. As a biginner, It is going to be very helpful.

Companies like Microsoft, Paypal, Oracle use C++ as their primary language. Google Assitant is written in c++

Python : Master of all, jack of none.

Python : Python is easy to start language because it is lightweight, easy to setup and has a large community to help. Many tutorial claim that its easy because its syntax is easy, which is not true. We don’t learn a language because of its syntax.Yes it is simple to write many program in python because of its rich libraries and large community that is always making it better.

Python has steady growth and will continue to grow as Web, AI and IoT are switching towards it

You can do almost anything with python, you can code for desktop applications, hardware, web or Artificial Intelligence. Python developers recieve higher salary compared to PHP or Java.Python is free, open source, cross platform, secure and widely supported. If you wish to code for Artificial Intelligence, python is a goog idea. Python is suitable for beginners as well as for those who want to learn something new

Companies like Instagram, Google, Netflix, Amazon use python for different purposes.

PHP : Language of the web

PHP : If anything is easy in the world of programming, its PHP. Around 79% of total websites are using PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is a server side language. PHP became so popular that you can not imagine internet without it. It gives unlimited independence to the developer, you can code in any way you want to, you can write an entire dabase management system in one page (For example : Adminer).

PHP has seen a slight decrease in its popularity in last few years due to its performance for large projects, It is slower than Java and Python. But Java is not a competition, the competition is with Python’s Django whose performance is better and it is way more secure.

Companies like facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, dailymotion use PHP

But, PHP still is highest job creator in web market after javascript and It is very impossible for 80% of web to make a sudden switch.

The conclusion :

Python ProsPython Cons
Extended Support for Library Mobile development is not impressive in python
Extensible (Integrates easily with other languages ) Despite being open source, there is no commercial support point.
Simple, Easy and readable Since Python is dynamic, more errors show at run-time.
IoT and Artificial Intelligence opportunitiesSlower compared to Java and C/C++

The answer why one should learn Python is because java and PHP have shown a decrease in popularity. C/C++ are important for system, hardware or gaming but otherwise rarely used. Python on the other hand, can be useful for anything – web, desktop, hardware and Artificial Intelligence and yet simpler than Java and C++ . There are more carrier opportunites in Python as compared to any other language.

– Opinion based on surveys and personal experience of the author


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