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Samsung Folding Phone launches in November 2018

Samsung mobile’s CEO has told CNBC that the device could be unveiled this year at the Samsung Developers Conference in November..

Even the phones may release later this year but they are likely not to be available in the market until next year.
Samsung has been trying to make these phones since the year 2011, It is already 8 years of the journey
they released a prototype of such phone (Not Galaxy X) but the closest thing we actually got to a foldable phone from Samsung in 2013 was the Samsung Galaxy Round. This was far from the prototypes and concepts we’d seen, but as the world’s first curved screen smartphone it was a big step in the right direction.
That was followed up by the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which curved in a now more familiar direction, one which Samsung has since fully embraced and features in its latest flagship handsets including the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.
These are still far from being foldable, and while a Samsung executive did promise a truly bendable device by the end of 2014, whatever he was referring to never appeared.

  • What will it cost?

It’ll likely be one of the most expensive phones around but the official pricing is not yet out. You might require to pay a lot high, as an analyst reckons the Samsung Galaxy X price could reach ₩2,000,000 (around $1,850, £1,375, AU$2,400, Rs 95,000).


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